We set the Gold Standard for Termite & Pest Control on Guam.

We specialize in “Integrated Pest Management Programs" (IMP) utilizing the most state-of-the-art urban termite and pest control technology.
We provide services that range from:
General Pest Control (roaches, ants, rodents, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, flies, wasp or other flying insects, etc…) for Hotels, Condominiums, Resorts, Restaurants, Hospitals & Residential Homes
Fumigation for Structures, Warehouses, Vessels, Commodities, Container(s)
Sentricon Colony Elimination System for Commercial and Residential Buildings
Pre and Post Construction Termite Control for Commercial and Residential Buildings
Non-chemical pest control methods are implemented and/or recommended whenever feasible.
Some of these methods include:
Trapping and monitoring
Harborage removal
Environmental Alteration
“We strive to provide the highest quality of professional and prompt termite and pest control services throughout the Pacific region.”
Our technicians undergo an extensive 2-4 month training period with a Supervisor before being issued a single technician route. They are trained to determine each pest (biology) situation by first performing a visual inspection and to treat the infested area.
Because NO KA OI TERMITE & PEST CONTROL (GUAM), INC. is very conscious of the environment and its customers’, our technicians have been trained to service an account if at all possible by utilizing environmentally friendly pesticides before anything else.
They can do this by treating the account solely with bait gels and/or mechanical means of treatment. If not, then they will opt to treat using liquid and/or aerosol pesticides, starting with the least toxic material.
However, whatever the means of treatment was used, NO KA OI TERMITE & PEST CONTROL (GUAM), INC. will continue to monitor and follow-up with the customer to ensure the service was a success. If not, we will do what-ever is necessary and within reason to satisfy each and every customer.
Customer Service and Satisfaction is our main key of maintaining our customer clientele. Of which, some customers have and still are with us since the opening of our doors back in 1989.

How NO KA OI Works

Pest Control Done Right, Every time.
Report of Conditions Conducive to Pest Infestation

The key component to IPM is a thorough and comprehensive inspection on each service. During the inspection, deficiencies are noted which are causing or are a potential to cause pest infestations such as entry points in buildings for pests, presence of harborage or nesting materials, sanitation issues both in food handling facilities and in other areas, water sources or even lighting that creates a conducive condition. These deficiencies will be brought to the attention of the customer. Through consistent record keeping and follow-up inspections, we will be able to report conditions and/or recommendations that were made that have not been addressed and assist the customer in rectifying the problem(s) if need be.

Contractor Provided Items

NO KA OI TERMITE & PEST CONTROL (GUAM), INC. provides all Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to its employees, as well as equipment/hand tools that are needed for field work. PPE’s may include eye wear (goggles); gloves; half and/or full face-mask respirators; steel toe boots; tyvek suits; etc… Our technicians are also equipped with an IPM inspection kit to include: flashlight; monitoring glueboards; bait gun and ant/roach bait; and marker. Their equipment may consist of drills: actisol machines: foggers; large pumps; etc. All company vehicles are equipped with spill kits, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers. Weekly inspections are done to each vehicle and their record keeping is available upon request. Our equipment, vehicles, and work facility (office/warehouse) is available for inspection at any time during our normal business working hours. Pesticides being used are all EPA registered. All pesticides contained in our warehouse facility and/or vehicles have a copy of its label and MSDS available on site.


NO KA OI TERMITE & PEST CONTROL (GUAM), INC. can warrant up to (3) years for areas treated for subterranean termites. For powder post beetles, warranty can be up to (2) years and for drywood termites, warranty can be up to (2) years depending on method of treatment. Other various warranties depend upon target pests). We currently have facilities under warranty from their current contract and will continue to monitor these facilities through the term of their warranty.

Don’t let pests destroy the things you care about.

With 34 years of experience & up to 3 years warranty*,
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The earlier you treat an infestation, the easier it is to control.